Untold Story of Shanti Devi a National Kabaddi Player.

SD-ShantiDevi-1Shanti Devi is a former kabaddi player who was on the Bihar team. She represented the undivided Bihar team in the 30th, 31st and 32nd National Kabaddi Championships during the 80s, and went on to win it in ‘82 and ’83 at Jamshedpur and Amravati, respectively. In fact, she played for the team more than 30 times in different championships. She won the Bihar Kabaddi Federal Championship. She led the team to gain several medals. 40 year old Shanti Devi, one of the Unrecognized Indian Athletes Who Never Got Their Due Despite Their Wins, sells vegetables at the Sonari Aerodrome Market at Jamshedpur to feed her four children. She hides her medals, so that her children don’t ever play the sport.

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