‘Buddhi Yoga’,the ancient game–Aman Gopal Sureka

IMAGE2When the British came to India, among the many things that caught their attention were the board games played in India.  Children playing on a square board, with some snakes and some paths and lots of cryptic writing.  Adults playing on square chequered boards, and chequered cloth arranged in a cross.  People playing with geometric markings on clay and mud.Some of the sailors wanted to join in the fun. The laughter and the evident enjoyment on the face of the players were too inviting to let pass.  They did not understand the language, they came from a different world, they saw life completely differently.  However, they still smiled the same, they knew when people, no matter how different, were having fun, and being there they wanted to be a part of it.


When they boarded their ships again, they wanted to take a part of this “fun”, back with them.  Gyan Chaupar, Chaupar, Pacheesi, Chaturang, Navakankari were all games that would travel with these saliors, along with many more that they had played and enjoyed during their stay in India. The sailors purchased some, re-created some in their free time on-board and  converted some to suite their own culture and sensibilities.
The British promoted the game of snakes and ladders as a game of virtues and vices.  Many segments of the Indian society found these games “interesting”.  Their children played them, and these games soon became “cool”.
The game of snakes and ladders, as we know it today, can be played quite mechanically.  It becomes mundane past a certain age, and makes it a game fit just for children.
Buddhi Yoga, on the other hand, is about awareness and consciousness. The more you engage with it, the more you enjoy it.  The more you focus on it, the more it reveals.  It’s design incorporates different levels of human maturity, and makes it appealing to all ages and all times.  We know from experience that we enjoy our work, only when we “engage” with it.  Buddhi Yoga helps us train our mind to engage in every karma that we do, therefore enjoy every moment of our lives.  This is the yoga that connects our mind to our actions.  Thus making us more aware, and revealing to us the pleasure of living!

Aman Gopal Sureka

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