“Babas or Brokers” ??? by suman roy chaudhuri

dera-sacha-sauda-chief-gurmeet-ram-rahim-singh_650x400_81503912100I don’t know where we belong to ? Which culture  and Socity dominates our Psychie?

I am penning down my pain not to convict any Baba Ram Rahim , but ourselves and our mental weaknesses which gives these Babas a space to breath out .

Sri Vikram Khattar the just sacked Dy . Advocate General of Haryana , was found carrying the brief case of Baba Ram Rahim while the Baba was taken to jail after the Hearing on his case was completed but the sentence  kept reserved . After this incident, why We did not question ourselves whether we should really go on rampage or not ? What Did we get from the Baba, which Khattar or his Senior Khattar got through this Baba ? No we did not think .

A matter of grave concern, Religious Hysteria has overpowered, Religion for us today is not for submission to the almighty and Self discipline, it is a bargaining Platform for Gains of those who rules us , and we subscribe to it meaninglessly.

Who is a Real Baba or a Guru ?????

In my childhood times , the Late Seventies and Eighties we used to see families having individual Gurus , simple , Pious , Dedicated sombre and a personality whom we could rely in times of mental Disaster .

Unfortunately we don’t find ,rather rarely we find Human Beings like those ,rather we like to feel much safe in the hands of our Boss seated in a Posh chamber in an IT hub of our City .

Gurus and Babas like Asharamji Bapu and so on and so forth are merely POLITICAL BROKERS and MEDIUMS of Illicit Financial Deals . Sorry to say many Political Parties succumbed to their Influence time and again.

We should feel for those who ransacked Haryana , Punjab , Gaziyabad and parts of NCT , unknowingly , that they have been made a mere Pawns of a chessboard , the reals Players  are laughing behind .

I did not write down to accuse any particular Baba or Guru , rather to make ourselves cautious, that we do not spoil our personal integrity, worshipping those Political and Financial Brokers in Disguise.

suman roy chaudhuri

suman roy chaudhuri


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