Born on 27th November–Bappi Lahiri the Disco King

bappi-lahiri-at-monsoon-music-concertBappi Lahiri was born in Calcutta, West Bengal in 1952 into a family with a rich tradition in classical music.His father, Aparesh Lahiri was a famous Bengali singer and his mother, Bansari Lahiri was a musician and a singer who was well-versed in classical music and Shyama Sangeet. His parents trained him in every aspect of music. He was their only child. At a very early age, he had the ambition to become famous, not only nationally, but internationally. He began to play the tabla at the tender age of three. Even at that tender age, Bappi showed signs of greatness as he played the tabla with the proficiency of an experienced professional. Bappi Lahiri is married and has two children. Bappi Lahiri has shared his love for music with his entire family. His wife is Chitrani comes from a family of singers, his daughter Rema is also an excellent singer, and son Bappa Lahiri has inherited his father’s keen sense of music and joined the Hindi film industry as a music director.

Bappi has his own unmatched personal style. He is the perfect blend of East and West, and his wardrobe ranges from the traditional Indian kurta and sherwani to the western sweatshirts and blazers. He is fond of wearing pieces of jewelry that represent significant symbols in his life. Bappi is famous throughout India for his trademark gold ornaments and sunglasses.

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