In the year 1996 six energetic young men dreamed to do something for the destitute, down trodden class of people.They named it EKABINSHA, got registered under The West Bengal Societies Registration Act on 1st November, 1998 and registered for 80G & 12AA also certified from Govt. of India for supporting physically handicapped.The unit started its journey towards achieving its target with the have-not’s people of the society.

0908EKABINSHA believes that humanity is not only a natural instinct but also a religion to be practised consciously to benefit the mankind and is working with multipurpose activities through number of programs performed since its inception like annually organising Blood Donation Camps and Health Check Up Camps, Cataract detection & arranging for operation camps, Camps for distribution of Equipment for the Orthopedically Handicapped people. Distribution of Books & educational materials to the students who are below poverty line. Distribution of clothes, winter garments and blankets to the destitute people of the society. Running an open school to educate the street children, Organising training programs for the orthopedically Handicapped people and help them to obtain financial assistance from the Government & NGO’s. Organised seminars on national and social issues regarding development of the people belonging to the backward class.

0305aEKABINSHA spotted a cluster of mud clay potters belonging to the backward class in West Bengal and motivated them to organise under one umbrella i.e., Government of India has provided them with “Artisan Card” which entitles them of free Health & Life insurance, enables them to participate in National / International Fairs / Exhibitions with their artefacts / products at no extra cost. Also, running a workshop program for introducing them to Innovative Designs and thus carrying out their professional development.

06EKABINSHA have started developing an orphanage at Tehatta village in Nadia district with a motive to give shelter to the orphans, educate them in the endeavour of making them a valuable citizen of the society.

02aEKABINSHA in the year 2013 organized a Fair on National Integration at Kolkata, participated by the various ministries and departments of Govt. of India & Govt. of West Bengal, attended by thousands of people canvassing the integrity among the citizens through different aspects of professional, educational, environmental, & economic development.

Hence, EKABINSHA commits to the helpless community to stand with them to lit a small light in their darken lives and accordingly work with them and for them.

There is more to know about EKABINSHA, please contact us at ekabinsha@gmail.com.