Born in 28th September-Sheikh Hasina Wazed Prime Minister of Bangladesh.


Sheikh Hasina Wazed and her family have played a nominal role in the politics of Bangladesh. From an early age, she was exposed to the political chaos and violence going on in her home country. The countries political affairs were so unstable that in 1971 Bangladesh separated completely from Pakistan, an event in which her father played an integral role. The atmosphere was so dysfunctional that the resulting political discord left Sheikh no choice but to leave the country for a few years. Upon her return, she became completely dedicated to changing the country from one of violence to one dedicated to democracy. Before her interference, elections were often rigged, voting was not guaranteed or even counted properly, and the country was so volatile that those who opposed the government were often jailed, exiled, or even murdered. Through this amazingly strong woman’s dedication, Bangladesh has significantly improved becoming less violent, more democratic, and allowing more civil liberties than ever before. Women have been given a voice in politics thanks to her interest in women and children’s rights. This leader is a survivor in all senses of the word, and she continues to strive for a better life for her and her fellow Bangladeshis as current Prime Minister.

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