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images (1)Exactly as predicted, Indian Stock Market opened flat for the day. Market would see further correction before any positive rally. Intraday traders can go short in Nifty if it breaches levels of 8315 levels and BankNifty, if it breaches 17985 levels and exactly same happened. Indian Stock Market opened flat and breached.Predicted levels to see sharp downfall. Traders, who followed suggestion might have earned decent profits for the day. Finally,Indian Stock Market closed negative for the day.

Today Indian Stock Market would open gap positive. Technically, Indian Stock Market is still in positive zone. Now, Market would see positive rally. Market is ready to see a sharp breakout and Traders should go long at every dip in the market for excellent profits.

FIIs were net buyers of Rs.330.62 crores whereas DIIs were net sellers of Rs.512.67 crores in cash market for last trading session. Nifty would see strong support at 8315-8300-8280-8240 whereas strong resistance would be seen at 8370-8385-8400-8450 levels. Traders are suggested to follow them for good profits.

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