Stock Market prediction for this week by Jayanta K.Aich

images-1-4Exactly as I predicted on last trading session, Indian Stock Market opened flat. for the day.Indian Stock Market is still negative and one should go short at every positive rally.BankNifty has highest premium and hence it is prone to a big downfall risk with target of 18500 and exactly same happened. Indian Stock Market opened flat and moved positive but was not able to sustain higher levels as per my predictions. Market saw a free fall and BankNifty fell down around 700 points on intraday basis. Traders, who followed our advice might have earned whopping profits. We first to predict the market breakdown and suggested traders to go short at 19800 levels for BankNifty and 8500 for Nifty. Finally, Indian Stock Market closed gap negative with Nifty closing right above predicted support levels of 7927 like a dot.

This week Indian Stock Market would open gap positive. Technically, Indian Stock Market is still in negative zone.Traders should go short at every positive movement. Next target for Nifty would be at 7897-7780 breaching which Nifty would see levels of 7645-7500 levels. BankNifty is still at premium and should fell down very sharply for the targets of 18100-17800 levels. Traders can wait for some short-covering rally and then short BankNifty to gain huge profits. Every positive rally would be an opportunity for traders to go short. The trade for now is to go short at every positive rally. Investors should keep cash in hand for now and wait for the right opportunity to enter into the market.



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