Indian Stoke Market Prediction by Jayanta K.Aich

images-1-4Last Trading Session Indian Stock Market opened flat with positive bias.I predicted that market is still in positive zone and traders can go long at dips for now. I also predicted that BankNifty is in positive direction so it would direct Nifty and exactly same happened. Indian Stock Market moved sharply positive and finally, closed positive.

From today Indian Stock Market would open positive. Technically, Market is still in positive zone and traders can hold long positions for now. Nifty is forming double bottom pattern and close above 8320 would confirm the pattern that would open Nifty target for 8500-8600 levels. BankNifty is also in positive momentum and may see my targets of 18500 breaching soon. Once BankNifty closes above 18500, its next target would open for 18800 levels. Overall, traders should continue to hold long positions with strict stoploss of 8208 spot levels for Nifty and 18122 spot levels of BankNifty on closing basis.Traders are suggested to follow them for good profits.


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