Indian Stock market prediction for this week by Jayanta K.Aich

images-1-4Indian Stock Market opened gap positive for the day.Nifty would move positive and traders can go long with strict stoploss of 9100 on closing basis. My prediction,Nifty would see reversal only if it manages to close above 9164 levels and until then traders should not take long positions home and exactly same happened. Indian Stock Market saw gap positive opening. Nifty opened above our reversal levels of 9164 but slide down sharply to close below those levels. Nifty once again saw strong support near 9100 levels. Market saw highs right resistance levels of 21607 for BankNifty and 9185 for Nifty and 29585 for Sensex like a dot.

Today Indian Stock Market would open flat. Technically, Indian Stock Market is still in negative zone as of now. Market is in consolidation as of now but packed with many major events this week. French Election, Geopolitical issues, Trump announcement on Tax laws, Major Corporate earnings of Reliance Industries, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Maruti & Wipro and F&O Expiry, all are lined up this week. This week would be full of volatility and a breakout or breakdown can be seen soon from the range. Nifty would be considered strong until it holds 9075 levels on closing basis, below which it would become weak and slide can be seen towards 9030-9000 levels. Nifty would see reversal once it closes above 9165 levels. Once Nifty closes above 9165 levels, we would soon see a breakout from the range with a sharp positive rally. Traders should wait for Nifty to close out of the range of 9075-9165 levels. Until then traders can go long at support levels and sell near resistance levels.

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