This week Book-Subhash Bose India’s First Prime Minister? by U V Singh

201610151556Subhash BoseIndians’ relationship with Subhash Chandra Bose, both at thought as well as dialogue level, has been deeply emotional. In January 1941, he left us to wage a war for liberating us from the British occupation and then—with almost five years of brilliant struggle and some glorious battles—disappeared, causing an unending myth and mystery. Through heroic acts of omission and commission, Bose raised himself on our mental screen to the status of a deity.

Three commissions/committees of inquiry and vigorous files declassification dramas have answered nothing about his death/disappearance—and with each passing day, our emotional connect with the great freedom fighter gets deeper and deeper.

Affected by the emotional load and resultant nostalgia, large section of Indians feel that things would have been different, or much better, for India had Bose been true to his ‘Delhi Chalo’ call or command—and then took over as the first Prime Minister of independent India.

What would have happened in that event? What directions India’s socio-economic development and international relations would have taken? These and many associated issues have been examined in this work, that is part fiction and part commentary on circumstances through which our great hero worked and fought. This work is not a biography but a fan’s tribute to India’s greatest revolutionary.


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