Born on 30th November-Buddhadeva Bosu was a versatile writer

Buddhadeb_BoseBuddhadeva Bosu was a major Indian Bengali writer of the 20th century. Frequently referred to as a poet, he was a versatile writer who wrote novels, short stories, plays and essays in addition to poetry.His first book of poetry, namely, “Bandir Bandona” was published when he was only seventeen years old. Although he worked as a teacher at different colleges and universities, he devoted his whole life to literature. This is symbolized by the name of his residence in Calcutta which was Kavita Bhavan (tr. ‘The House of Poetry’).His first novel, “SaDa”, was published when he was 18, in 1930. He wrote more than 40 novels, but his epic novel “Tithidore”, published in 1949, became his most admired novel which is now considered a classic. He published more than 160 titles during his lifetime. So far 200 books have been published.However, many pieces remain to be anthologized as yet. He was a hard worker and writing was his life. He began his day at 9 in the morning and would regularly work until 10 at night. Work, for him, meant writing.

He was an influential critic and editor of his time. He is recognized as one of the five poets who moved to introduce modernity into Bengali poetry. It has been said that since Tagore, perhaps, there has been no greater talent in Bengali literature.

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