Born on 29th November-“Louisa May Alcott”author of timeless classic novel ‘Little Women’.

louisa-may-alcott-3Louisa May Alcott was an American novelist, widely appreciated for the timeless classic novel ‘Little Women’. She was a free spirited girl in her childhood who wanted to become a successful actress and travel the world but her family responsibilities kept her engaged throughout her life. In her early days, she vowed to “be rich, famous and happy before she dies” and undoubtedly achieved every bit of it. Her father was an abolitionist who was unable to provide well for the family which made poverty her greatest enemy. She worked as a housemaid, teacher and nurse to support her family before she started writing. It was the publication of her book, ‘Little Women’, which gained her popularity and fame in the society. It was inspired by her own experiences, relationship with her sisters and their journey from childhood to womanhood together. Earlier, she wrote some short stories for young adults but none of them brought her the enriching money or glorified fame that ‘Little Women’ did. Although she was rich and famous after it, problems in her family never seemed to fade out completely; her personal wishes were always overshadowed by her family’s emotional and monetary needs. Writing had been her passion since childhood and she eventually became a literary genius through her novels.

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