Born in 1st October- ‘Annie Besant a Political reformer’.


Annie Besant was a political reformer, women’s rights activist, theosophist and Indian nationalist.In 1893, she first visited India and soon became involved in the Indian national struggle for freedom. Till the end of her life, she actively campaigned for Indian independence and causes of theosophy. She was the leading women figure of the late 19th and early 20th century who actively fought for different causes such as secularism, birth control, Fabian socialism, women’s rights and workers’ rights. Besant, early in her life, switched to anti-religious views which led her to work tirelessly as a reformist and secularist. She constantly questioned the status of Church of England and demanded for a secular state through her write-ups, columns and public speeches. Besant first came to limelight with her birth-control campaign alongside reformer Charles Bradlaugh. Soon, she became a prominent Fabian socialist but shortly afterwards converted to theosophy. As a member and later President of the Theosophical Society, Besant helped to spread Theosophical beliefs around the world, notably in India.

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