Born in 18th September-‘Gaganendranath Tagore a self taught artist’

Gaganendranath_Tagore_Indian_PainterGaganendranath Tagore was born in 1867 in the Tagore family home in Calcutta. He was a self taught artist. In 1907, he founded Gaganendranath the Indian Society of Oriental Art along with his brother Abanindranath Tagore. Between 1906 and 1 91 0 he was influenced by Japanese art and other Far Eastern art styles. However he is best known for his political cartoons and social satires on Westernised Bengalis. Later in his career he became interested in the cubist experiment and he developed his own brand of cubism His work was exhibited in the 22nd exhibition de Societe des peintres orientalistes francais (1914) in Paris, London, Belgium and Holland, and in a travelling exhibition organised by the American Federation of Art and ISOA (1924) in London and Germany, and he exhibited in the Athene Gallery in Geneva in 1928.

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