Book,The Gita-its Why and How by Sukumari Bhattacharji


Before and after the Kushan age was introduced a kind of chaos; the caste and professional problems presented by the Sudra, the women, the incoming hordes and the existing anomalies were solved and a kind of peace slowly descended on society and has lasted for quite some time. Any society which wishes to live meaningfully centers around an ideology. The composition of the Gita provided that ideology.

About Sukumari Bhattacharji- Sukumaridi, as she was fondly called by her admirers, belonged to a rare breed of scholars who had equal grasp of English and Sanskrit literature. She began her career as a lecturer in English at Lady Brabourne College, joined Jadavpur University’s Comparative Literature department on request and later shifted to the Sanskrit department.

Born to Christian parents on July 12, 1921, Sukumari used to joke that she shared her birthday with Julius Caesar. But her Christian lineage came in the way when she wanted to do her graduation in Sanskrit. Calcutta University didn’t allow her. Sukumari did her masters in English in 1944 and took up teaching at Lady Brabourne College, a year later. She had to do her masters in Sanskrit as a private candidate,10 years later.

Her command over Sanskrit helped her delve deep into Sanskrit texts — the Vedas, and Bhagavad Gita — and unravel the societal patterns in ancient India and evolution of culture and religion. “Sukumaridi wouldn’t accept anything as they came. She wouldn’t accept anything without reason. It is this quality that also made her controversial among orthodox Sanskrit scholars.

She authored 34 books such as The Gita — Its Why and How, Human & Society in Ancient India, Fatalism in Ancient India.



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